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10 Tips to creating high-impact, alternative narrative videos

Time to record your video and share it with the world! Shooting a video doesn’t have to be elaborate or require a big budget. There are tons of free resources online for video editing and production.

Here are a few tips to consider when making an alternative narrative video.

1. Don’t be afraid to use humour or satire.

Humour has been shown to play an effective role in undermining hateful narratives and can make your video more engaging to your audience.

2. Going viral is not always the aim.

While going viral may sound great, it’s not the only way to have an impact. Some successful narratives target very specific audiences or platforms and may naturally have a smaller audience, yet still have a profound impact.

3. Emotions rule.

Simply reciting statistics and facts may be dismissed by your audience as boring, or they can be refuted using opposing statistics. Instead, it is more powerful to appeal to their emotions, such as happiness, excitement or nostalgia.

4. Celebrate diversity with diversity.

Stories that are co-created with people in the target audience will resonate more. For example, if you want to share a story about Islamic Extremism and you want it to resonate with young Muslims, you should plan to co-create your video with young Muslims.

5. Use the news to your advantage.

Are there current events or debates that people may feel strongly about? Consider how you can use these to contribute to the conversation in a positive way. This also applies to drawing on social media trends for inspiration, such as new hashtags or trending content on YouTube.

6. Share your ideas and collaborate.

Not sure if you’re on the right track? Want to get more viewers for your video? Collaborating with your peers or with established YouTubers can help ensure you’re creating content that will resonate with viewers.

7. Make it a snackable size

People are more likely to watch shorter videos. If you can make it shorter without losing your message or impact, do so. Consider breaking a longer video into smaller parts that can be posted separately.

8. Take advantage of free tools

The YouTube Creator Academy has free tutorials for everything from how to write a script and develop a storyboard, to getting your lighting, editing and music right.

9. It’s all about your audience

Define your audience: who is your video for? Is it for a wide, general audience, or a targeted one? Take time to think about who your audience is, what they respond to and do a reality check to make sure you’re creating something they’ll love. Getting your audience to view your video can be as simple as having a search-friendly title or a catchy thumbnail.

10. High quality doesn’t always come at a high price

Effective videos don’t always have a large budget or a high-tech camera. If you have access to a mobile phone, you have all you need to make a powerful video. The focus of an alternative narrative video should be on the story and message you share, rather than the production quality or special effects.

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Do you have more questions about how to make a rad video? Or how to get more views? The YouTube Creator Academy has got you sorted with online tutorials geared towards helping you make awesome videos that your audience will want to watch.

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