About the Campaign

You have the power to champion good.

Australians spend an increasing time online, using the Internet to connect, communicate and to consume content on a daily basis.

However, our online experiences can quickly escalate to hate-filled, abusive, and racist comments. The online space is perceived as a place where usual social norms no longer apply: a place where insulting and offensive comments can go unchecked.

Such online threats, degrading comments, and digital harassment — when based on a person’s race, nationality, sexual orientation/gender identity, gender, or religion — are forms of hate speech, and are unfortunately becoming a large part of our online experience.

Hate speech is everywhere, can take many different forms, and can have serious effects on others. But there is something you can do about it.

Change the narrative and #sharesomegood

As a young Australian, what can you do about online hate speech? Drown out the hate by amplifying your voice and sharing some good online.

#sharesomegood and share videos and stories that:

  1. Are positive! Show what you are for, not what you are against
  2. Promote and celebrate tolerance, diversity and inclusion
  3. Educate people about minority groups or hate speech targets
  4. Present minority groups in a positive way and challenge stereotypes
  5. Show empathy and solidarity with victims of hate speech

How can you #sharesomegood?
By developing and sharing content that promotes respect, tolerance, diversity and inclusion. Download our Creator Guide to get started or browse through this site to learn more and to get inspired.

Ready to get cracking?

Download the Creator Guide
1. Create your video
2. Hashtag #ShareSomeGood
3. Share on YouTube

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